Bogman Ireland

Bogman Ireland

Bogman is a twist of the irish madness and the weather

The Bellybutton of Donegal

This week I travelled along the North coast of the County from Glenties to Falcarragh along the famous Wild Atlantic Way.  It never ceases to amaze me that tropical plants are grown in the gardens of homes along the coast of Donegal.   

So I ventured around the coast to Killnut just outside Falcarragh, where I came upon an incredible local business The LAN Centre, where they grow all kinds of veg and salads which they sell to local restaurants.  They also do a fantastic veg box delivery service, unfortunately Cloghan is out of their range but they did give me some juicy salad to take home. Thanks guys!



On my way back over Muckish Mountain Through the twisty lonely trail of beautiful rugged rocks and amazing colours I stopped for a quick 🙏  at the top. As you do.



The thought occurred to me that Cloghan/ Fintown is infact the bellybutton of Donegal, located exactly in the centre of the county and therefore the most untouched and  remote.  visitors know it only from passing through ☹️ People don’t move here willingly, it would be ideal for a witness relocation program 🤔

So as with most bellybuttons Cloghan is the fluff 🤩🤪 It is a close knit community where life moves at a different pace. Quiet and unassuming. 

Here adventure is a beautiful day 🌤 

 The highlight of the week is the Mart at Brocka, Bingo on  a Saturday in the local community Centre or a pint at Harkins Bar 🍻


 looking over Glassagh to Muckish Mountain

looking over Glassagh to Muckish Mountain

There is plenty of space and time to become really creative and use the surrounding materials nature has to offer. It’s not surprising that behind each door in this town land in the epicentre of the Gaeltacht the people posses supper powers: music, writing, artistry, craft and story telling. 

What did you do this week-end

What did you do this week-end

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